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Reasons Why into PayPal is the Online Standard.

Basic information for beatmakers to ingest while using PayPal to track transactions of Rap Instrumentals. Continue reading →

Transforming Basic Ideas into Great Rap Beats.

Some observations to take your more “blander” tracks to the next level. Here we analyze and share some characteristics nearly every classic record has. Starting with the beat.

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Short promotional article on why ShadezOfBlue.com is an artistsone stop shop to buy Rap Beats.

We wholeheartedly believe www.ShadezOfBlue.com is the best place online to download and buy rap beats online. So we’ve taken time to list just a few reasons to acknowledge our services.  Continue reading →

A few reasons why it’s considered Professional for Artists to actually Buy Hip Hop Beats 

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How to Shop your Hip Hop Instrumentals on Twitter

Twitter is a search engine. People are searching for news, and brands are searching for feedback. To those activately promoting services, sales leads DO happen. So how should one go about using Twitter to shop their hip hop instrumentals or music? Continue reading →

Guidelines and general practices for mastering rap instrumentals.

So you’ve gotten to the point where your mixes are pretty stellar. Things are panned appropriately, gain levels are balanced, and the frequency spectrum isn’t cluttered. Let’s cut to the chase: How Do You Achieve Radio Loudness? How do you master rap instrumentals? Continue reading →

Small Crash Course in music theory for Hip Hop Beats

A lot of people have asked me about music theory. Specifically, how does it apply to making beats.  Well, music theory is the study of how music works. It examines the language and notation of music. But how much “music theory” is needed for making hip hop beats? Continue reading →

A few reasons why producers fail to sell their hip hop beats

I’ve read nothing less than a million sob-stories about selling beats online. Shortcomings of people not being able to sell their hip hop beats. Ironically, all the horror stories had the same 3-4 things in common.  Continue reading →

is Electronic Dance Music slowly Replacing rap and Hip Hop Instrumentals 

You may not’ve noticed, but more and more online producers are shifting their focus towards making Dubstep, Pop and EDM. Is it simply a phase? a trend? Will it run it’s course? Will it affect “selling beats online?” Continue reading →

A  Quick Overview On How to Properly Mix Rap Vocals Over Rap Instrumentals

Sadly, when Rap Instrumentals come pre-mixed or pre-mastered not a lot of “flexibility” is given to the Mixing Engineer. However mixing over a “2-Track”(name given to a final, mastered stereo file) is a normal procedure. Infact it occurs more often than one would think in the real world of recording.  The development of multitrack recording and new technology such as electric guitars, amplifiers, and better microphones led to a fundamental change in the way recordings were made. Continue reading →